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In order to assess and optimise the environmental compatibility of products, re-use of materials is considered to be a key step in the process. In reference to the VDI 2243: 2002 guidelines for the configuration of products that could be easily disassembled and reused in some parts, the designer must take into account several aspects, which must not be in conflict with a giver form of functionality.



The guidelines to follow are:


  • Where possible, it is better to prefer manufacturing processes without scraps, such as micro-casting, precision forging, cold extrusion, or with as few wastes as possible, for example in sheet metal processing through cutting, minimizing the volumes of material removed, for example through composite construction.


  • Use as few different and recycled materials as possible, in particular marking the components derived from high-quality materials.


  • Ease of disassembly: the couplings must be easily unlockable and accessible. At the moment of disassembly, they must be intact, possibly also the coupling elements (which, if necessary, can be replaced). Particularly recommended are screwed and bolted connections, snap-on and flexible couplings. However, they must neither corrode nor lose their anchoring capacity after repeated unclamping. Riveted connections can be unclamped by drilling the rivets. Components with welded, brazed and in some cases soft brazed and glued joints can be loosened by heat treatment.


  • Try to direct the wear on low cost and easily replaceable construction elements or provide the possibility of adjustment beforehand. The degree of wear and tear has to be easily and clearly recognizable, for example through wear indicators or a simple test.


  • Reusable construction elements must be easy to clean: avoid cracked surfaces, inaccessible internal areas, narrow blind holes. Plastic parts must also be solvent-resistant.


  • In components that must subsequently be finished, excess metal must be provided, as well as tightening, measuring and adjustment tools.



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