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Prototyping: This technique is a little crazy…

With our Projet, we create each layer with photosensitive acrylic plastic with a thickness of 32 µm that guarantees the manufacturing of ultra-precise components. The wax-like support material is removed through cleaning without damaging the quality of the printed piece.

The components obtained with this technology can be painted, tooled, drilled or used directly as standard pieces.

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How the price is calculated?

In order to have the exact cost of a component, the following characteristics of the object to be created must be assessed:

  1. Material to be used
  2. The geometry of the piece
  3. The level of precision or resolution requested
  4. Level of superficial finish

Therefore, in order to receive a quote, it will be necessary for you to send a 3D modelling file specifying the use features of the component. For example, if the piece is just for demonstration purposes, then, precision may not be so important and for the same reason, the piece may not need to be painted etc.
If you don’t have this type of file, you can send us your request directly and we will create the necessary files for the printing of the component.

Oops, I don't have the file for printing

Have you got an idea that you want to try out?
Want a copy of something that doesn’t exist on the market? Get in touch with us and we will create the files necessary to print your product.

We are a young and dynamic company born in the era of 3D modeling. The experience we have matured over the years in all kinds of sectors and the possibility of using numerous types of specific software have enabled us to identify, design and modify all the calculations necessary to create the 3D file for printing.
Thanks to our know-how, we can create models for single molds and fusions, presentations of models (also in colour), and equipment for special production processes.
The clear advantage of this technology is that design problems can be solved at their root whereas this is impossible using CAD alone. This also prevents the appearance of problems during production processes.

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