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Company Profile

Quality first.

Formartis is a technical/design office born of a clear intention: Working towards the quality of products before all else. It is not a simple statement of intents, but rather a broad philosophy composed of many tassels; tassels which laid next to each other form the Mosaic of our business activities.

Since 2006, year in which the design office was founded, Gianluca Namaziona And Stefano Trauzzi, who had already been working in the field of mechanical design for some time, have been investing  all their creative and professional resources into Formartis. The result is a continuous investment in R&D, which makes innovation   the main hub of all our activities.

In just a few years Formartis has asserted itself in the business for its flexibility and the ability to supply its Clients with a complete package of services, from engineering,  mechanical design, and 3d modelling , to reverse engineering and  kinematic and structural analyses. Paramount to the gradual broadening of the areas of activity, was the arrival in 2010 of a new associate, Roberto Cravedi. Our satisfaction in having worldwide Manufacturers, Companies and multinational corporations seeking our services is our primary  driving force. We therefore offer on-site services, directly at our client’s premises. This ensures flexibility, and offers the benefit of full integration with the  different realities that request our support, as well as direct contact with the design offices, thus promoting quality at all stages of the design process.

From perspective, the spirit behind Formartis, and it strengths can be summed up in 4 key words: transparency, availability, precision and punctuality. These words lead to a single objective: Quality.

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