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Since its introduction on to the market, rapid prototyping has led to an increase in creative and productive potential. Before the advent of rapid prototyping, the final prototype was obtained exclusively after creating models in wood or metal using traditional processes that would last weeks or even months. The extremely high costs of these processes often meant skipping the prototyping phase altogether; this would often lead to design problems that would be identified only at the beginning of production with consequent costly modifications and a significant waste of time.

The reasons for choosing a rapid prototyping procedure or additive production are the following:

  • The designer can create various prototypes at the same time as one single production process. The component is realistic, of high quality and with mobile parts and can be obtained at a relatively low cost compared to traditional methods such as CNC machining.
  • Direct contact between project and product: by obtaining prototypes in a short period of time, the gap between designers and manufacturers is reduced as a real prototype can be used to show design, function or ergonomics.
  • Time to market is significantly reduced by using rapid prototypes for pre-series whilst industrialising procedures at the same time.
  • Possibility of creating details in plastic without having to sustain the cost of creating injection molds, thus allowing the production of small lots that until now has never been an option for small companies.
  • Possibility of creating a line of products starting from a pre-existing detail thanks to reverse engineering and customisation.
  • Possibility of creating products with unusual geometries, tooling machines, printers or EDM (Electrical Discharge Machines) etc.

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