Dallara“Formartis collaborates with Dallara Automobile practically since its constitution. 

Firstly, I have worked several times with Formartis’ owners, Stefano Trauzzi and Gianluca Namaziano, and I immediately appreciated their qualities.

Therefore, when I was called to guide the Project and Development KTM X-Bow Team, I suggested Formartis’ collaboration. Later Nazzarena Corsini and Roberto Cravedi became part of our Team.

This project was long-lasting and extremely complex. Technique, innovation, strategy and diplomacy have characterized the entire path and the frequent interfacing between our Team and KTM Client.

Without any doubt, I can assert that my first impression about professional skills and human qualities of Formartis was confirmed. Those qualities are exactly what Dallara Automobile requires for its strategic activities. What I mean is that they have technical skills necessaries to supply and develop design solutions, fitted to the accorded scenario. They also have necessary reliability in order to carry out single work packages by accorded terms and schedule and abilities to relate, interact and easily merge with the Team formed by the Dallara personnel.”

Enrico Giuliani

Dallara Automobili – KTM X-Bow Program

A DUE“I know Gianluca and Stefano for a long time. One year ago, we started our business collaboration.

Formartis is a company with high professional skills, reliable, qualified and respectful of the accorded schedule.

Formartis has a great will to grow and is composed by highly professional staff.”

 GianMaria Ferri

A Due S.r.l. Juicy Technology and Sparking Ideas - Technical Coordinator

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