Our main objective is to offer a service to our clients. Our work, as we conceive it, is to become part of a client’s  existing work group, as this improves efficiency in all the design and manufacturing phases. The ability to tune into the clien’ts needs and understand their professional and productive realities is  paramount. This elements is often underestimated, but to us  it  is most important.

Our design office is specialized in creating solutions tailored to the customer’s needs  and  fulfilling all their expectations , offering both product quality and cost effectiveness.  Our employees are able to work on single components or complex assemblies,  operating autonomously or in full cooperation with the Customer, as required.  Every solution is tailored to the client’s methods and requested level, in order to fully satisfy he’s needs.

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St. Provinciale per Sala 7G
Stradella di Collecchio (PR)
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