3D Modeling

3D Modeling

Formartis boasts a vast and proven experience when it comes to solid modelling, with application varying from simple parts to large assemblies, lines and complex and sophisticated machinery. To achieve results which are truly innovative, we use all 3D software currently available.

Beyond the benefit of creating models which have more sophisticated and competitive standards, this design method offers other advantages on the entire manufacturing process, from management to operations. Furthermore 3D modelling can multiply the amount of information available, creating a structured relationship between different components,  and unburdens various support and control procedures.

Through parametric relationships, 3D modelling enables the creation of solutions and results which are surprising in terms of both quality attainment and all important  time saving. From this last point of view, 3D modelling allows for rapid changes in manufacturing specifications, thanks to solid relationships between parts. This speed benefit also affects assembly and component drawings and updated bill of materials.


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